Marketplace 2014 is a biennial event organised by the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering, whose main aim is to provide a space for volunteers, organisations and businesses with Social Responsibility to share their experiences and find meeting points for working together.

At we work on promoting and regulating best practices in the field of social volunteering and on acknowledging its importance as a network to transform and drive social change and as the main driver of action among the most disadvantaged. brings together 273 social organisations based in Catalonia with over 45,000 volunteers who work in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Lleida and Girona and who are coordinated through the four provincial headquarters.

Catalonia is one of the most active regions in Europe with regard to volunteering. According to the Generalitat (the Catalan Government), 1.275 million people (17% of the population) devote part of their time to volunteering in any of its forms: social, cultural, environmental, community and international volunteering. In recognition of the great work carried out by Catalan volunteers, this year Barcelona has been named European Capital of Volunteering.

At we want to promote the development of collaboration between companies and organisations. In the end, organised volunteering work depends on this relationship. Because the world would be an even more hostile place without the great work carried out by volunteers, we want to show that we are by their side; they are the drivers of change and their ability to transform must be supported by all social players.

We want to acknowledge those companies that carry out Social Responsibility actions not only through the growing phenomenon of corporate volunteering but also with the capital that they are able to contribute to social causes, and to give visibility to the work carried out by organisations, so that the best equipped organisations can serve as an inspiration to those that do not want to lose courage before their cause.

We would like this to be an inspiring space for sharing new creative and flexible ways of doing things with a commitment to society.

Because Social Responsibility is for everyone:

  1. Companies that help from both a human and a financial point of view.
  2. Organisations that provide social expertise and resource management.
  3. Volunteers who are ready for action, making change possible.

Volunteers, organisations and companies:
it’s your turn: come to Born and change the world.

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